Clear Whey Protein

100% IsolateGrass-Fed
20g of complete protein.
If you try any of our Clear Whey flavors and don't love it—we'll exchange it for a product you do love.
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Flavor: Island Mango - 20 Servings

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Delicious mangos bursting into small pieces

A new form of protein

What in the world is "clear whey"?

Lemonade and lemons exploding everywhere

A new form of protein

What in the world is "clear whey"?

Coconuts and raspberries

A new form of protein

What in the world is "clear whey"?

Watermelons exploding everywhere

A new form of protein

What in the world is "clear whey"?

Oath Clear Whey Protein Coco Razz bag sitting in the middle of gym equipment. A BlenderBottle shaker bottle pours protein into a glass on the right side.
A protein shaker bottle icon

The easy answer:

Clear protein is a light, fruity refresher of protein-packed deliciousness. Perfect for during your workout, crushing the books, or sipping on a beach somewhere.

Oath Clear Whey Protein - Frosty Lemonade bag with lemons and lemon protein bursting in the background. A BlenderBottle protein shaker pours clear whey into a glass.
An icon of a girl with glass holding a clipboard

The nerdy answer:

Clear whey is a whey protein isolate that has undergone an ultra-filtration process to lower its pH values and viscosity. This process increases the overall clarity of the protein while creating a light, neutral-tasting base well-suited for crafting a variety of flavors. And like all whey proteins, it delivers superior bioavailability and absorption rates to help maximize protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

A graphic showing that Clear Whey is a great option for protein consumption throughout the day—no matter what you're doing.

Everyday, All-Day Protein

Keep your muscles nice and happy from sun up to sun down doing whatever floats your boat.

Woman holding delicious Oath Clear Protein in a Oath BlenderBottle shaker bottle

Bottom line? It's like showering your muscles with some tasty TLC.

Best tasting protein I've had. If you have ever wanted a "protein juice"—this is it.

Brayden M.

LOVED this flavor!! Light on my stomach too compared to other whey protein I’ve had.

Sydney D.

Like drinking protein infused juice. Delicious.

Tiffany B.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Baxstrom
Lemonade powder

Game changer for me! So many protein powders are super sweet and hard for me to drink. This was refreshing - more like real lemonade.

Joel Sperry
Externally satisfied!

Extremely satisfied with my order of the sampler pack (razz pre, mango clear, coconut clear) and the Strada Sleek Blender-Bottle.

The clear whey samplers were a refreshing to get protein in during these hot summer days at work, I just had to fill the bottle with water, tear open a pack, then shake it in. The design of colors on the bottle also give off a summer vibe. Would recommend the combo!


Really loved this one

SARAH Cargould
Purchased at Target

I actually was pleasantly surprised at how yummy this is.
I have always been picky about protein powders and had to mix it with fruit or make it frozen to even get it down. The fact that I can mix this with water, and it taste good is a HUGE perk. Good work Oath!
I would recommend getting a frother or a blender bottle for mixing this though... The spoon just doesn't cut it!

Annika Osborne
The best protein!!

Truly amazing flavor and product, I have tried so many proteins and this is by far the best! If you’re on the fence order, you won’t regret it!! Watermelon and mango are my favorite! I would love to try more flavors!