Naturally Sweetened Whey Protein

25g of complete protein.
Sweetened with nothing but all natural goodness. So you can rest even easier between sets at the gym.
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Flavor: Chocolate Dream - 25 Servings
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Delicious chocolate bursting into many small pieces

Elite Whey Protein

What makes whey protein so darn special?

Oath Naturally Sweetened Protein - Chocolate Dream with delicious chocolate pieces bursting all around the bag.
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The easy answer:

It’s a convenient, complete protein—a veritable amino acid extravaganza your muscles will love. 

Oath Chocolate Dream Naturally Sweetened whey protein next to a delicious chocolate protein milkshake and chocolate.
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The nerdy answer:

Whey protein is a highly bioavailable form of protein and contains the ideal amounts of essential and branched chain amino acids to help maximize protein synthesis for superior muscle growth and repair.

A graphic showing the profile of Oath Whey Protein. Each serving has 25g of protein, 12.2g of EAAs, 5.8g of BCAAs, and 2.7g of Leucine.

The King of Proteins

Not all proteins are created equal. Whey protein is widely considered 'The King of Proteins' because it contains the clinically recommended amount of amino acids for optimal growth and recovery.* Just one serving of Oath whey protein delivers:

A graphic that shows how long it takes different sources of protein to absorb

Whey protein is a speed demon.

Whey protein absorbs at twice the rate of most other proteins, like chicken, eggs, and, of course peanut M&Ms, for improved muscle recovery and repair.

A strong female squatting weights

Bottom line? It's like having your muscles fueled by delicious chocolatey dreams.

Thought I died and went to chocolate heaven. Turns out I was alive and in protein heaven.

Brayden M.

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Had higher hopes for flavor. Blended nicely.


my favorite, i love vanilla flavor and this was really creamy blended with cashew milk and ice.


very tasty, smooth with cashew milk and ice in a blender 🤤


Love it!!!!


Tastes so yummy!