Elite Pre-Workout

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Working out never tasted so good. Chock full of clinically effective ingredients & dosages—because science.
FLAVOR: Melonade Stand Pre - 20 Servings
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Oath Elite Pre-Workout - Melonade Stand container with lemons bursting all around it

Time to nerd out.

The science behind the magic.

Caffeine 210mg

Increases focus & mental alertness*

CAFFEINE is a naturally occuring stimulant that enhances cognitive performance, a.k.a. laser focus and all that other good stuff. And unlike most pre-workouts, we don't overdo it.

Creatine Monohydrate 5g

Enhances lean muscle gain*

CREATINE is a magical trio of amino acids that helps your muscles produce energy. And when properly dosed, we're talking gains, people, gains!

Nitrosogine® 1500mg

Supports healthy blood flow*

NITROSIGINE® is a nitric oxide booster that leads to fast-acting, amazing pumps, so you can leave your pump cover at home. Yeah, we see you.

Peak ATP® 400mg

Improves muscle power*

PEAK ATP® is a patented energy-molecule that drives—you guessed it—your energy production through the the roof. Which means more insane PRs and jealous gym partners.

Beta-Alanine 3000 mg

Maximizes exercise performance*

BETA-ALANINE is a lactic acid buffer that enhances endurance so you can train longer before you 'hit the wall'. Or shout profanities. Whatever your jam.

CherryPure® 480mg

Reduces perceived post-workout soreness*

CHERRYPURE® is a natural anti-inflammatory that has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and breakdown. That's right, a pre-workout that helps with your post-workout.

*This is the part that Matt from legal made us put in: The results shown above are average results vs placebo in peer-viewed clinical studies. Individual results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

A video showing Oath Watermelon pre-workout being filled with delicious watermelons and lemons.
Cool guy holding an Oath Pre-Workout Melonade stand tub with a woman holding a Coco Razz Oath Elite Preworkout tub

Bottom line? It's like slamming lightning in a bottle. Tasty, tasty lightning.

I have tried a lot of pre-workouts. A LOT! Oath has one of the best tasting, best working and longest lasting I've ever tried. It gives a good long energy boost without a crash and the taste... OMG. Try it! You won't be disappointed!


Just mix, sip, and enjoy the ride without any gritty aftermath. The only thing missing is the beach.


You can't beat this stuff.

Matt B.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Austin Trapp
Doesn’t dissolve well

The flavor is pretty good but it barely dissolves and thus making it very hard to drink.

Jaleise BoydLawhorn
Oath Pre-Workout

I absolutely loved the fact that this is caffeine free! I have tried so many pre-workout powders and each time I have stated that I NEVER want to take pre-workout again because it's so hard to come down after my workout. Oath's pre-workout has me excited to try more!

Cheldany Stevens
Apple orchard YUM!!!

The apple orchard pre workout is one of the best flavors of pre-workout I’ve ever tried. No jitters and no itchiness like some pre-workouts can do to you. I feel great taking this before a workout!

The best!

The Coco Razz had an immaculate taste! This pre-workout tastes clean and gives you the perfect amount of energy to get through grueling workouts!

Guy Johnson
Pre workout

I love the product … taste and effect is awesome. I would live to sample the protein.